DARKHER is a haunting trip through the mind and spirit of UK Artist Jayn H. Darkher, a West Yorkshire-based vocalist / songwriter whose powerful, captivating music is characterised by doom-laden riffs,  spine-tingling vocals and soul baring songs, layered with storm clouds of Guitars and pounding Drums. Creating extraordinarily dark music full of contrasts, including both chilling loneliness and the warmth of hope, the sound of DARKHER is veined by both an unsettling atmosphere of encroaching dread and a deep, otherworldly confidence.

DARKHER’s first release, ‘The Kingdom Field’ EP (2014), epitomized her broodingly intense music and created a stir across scenes, being hailed as “beautiful, teeth-edging horror” and “utterly brilliant”. Her debut album, ‘Realms’, impressively proved that the fire of great expectations raised by the debut’s spark were more than justified.

Lyrically, ‘Realms’ mirrors the ominous, awe-inspiring character of the music; the tales on the album lie somewhere between this sphere and the unseen worlds before and beyond. DARKHER’s songs reveal her relationship with fear, death and spirituality and question how love can connect souls from past, present and future.

“Darkher’s powerful vocals are a constant soft melody of gentle melancholy and lingering sorrow skirting the heavy bass notes, pounding drums and poignant lyrics. The emotion-drenched songs  are a statement to her talent. Her communication is clearly achieved through the heartfelt music. There’s an almost overwhelming theme of conflicting powerful yet fragile elements throughout” LOUDER SOUND

“ ghostly transmissions, sold beautifully by Jayn H Darkhers entrancing voice, that sound like they were delivered by lost souls in the dead of night. With each visit, I feel like I’m traveling down a lonely stream, in a boat that fits one, with only the moonlight to enlighten my way……eerie, chilling music that could make your skin freeze.”

Meat Mead metal

“her work weaves Gothic themes and eery atmosphere around a base of dark ambiance. It is hard to pick out individual notions between the mix of entrancement, sadness, introspection and soul-searching curiosity that washes over you “

Metal temple

“the whole atmosphere is of a Druid procession gone from steady to almost menacing.” Metal reviews



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